Woodlands Residents Since 1988

Woodlands Residents
Since 1988

Our Process

The key to any successful project, is a proven method of completion in a professional and efficient way. At Woodlands Remodeling Co. we follow 3 simple, yet crucial, steps to make your renovation a smooth and enjoyable process.

The 3 P’s of Success


This is the Dream part of our process. Our specialist will sit with you and your family discuss what changes you’d like to make to your home. You will lay out your dream, discuss size and scope of your ideal renovation, and your Dream will start to become a reality.


In the Prepare part of the process we will lay out a full game plan for a successfully completed project.  We will walk you through color & materials selections, as well as lay out a schedule for completion.


Let the fun begin! As we put our precisely planned program into play you will see your dream take shape and become a reality. Sometimes things may deviate from our plan, but part of our performance is making quick adjustments to bring you the transformation you’re looking for.

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